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Erich von Däniken

Internationally acclaimed author for over 30 years worldwide!


Erich von Daniken

Erich von Däniken


The arguments presented herein are irresistible and could possibly
change completely our knowledge of our own history and evolution!

Erich von Däniken


All over the world there are fantastic ruins and improbable objects which cannot be explained by reference to conventional theories of archaeology, history, and religion.

Why are the world's sacred books full of descriptions of gods who came down from the sky in fiery chariots and who always promised to return? How could an ancient Sanskrit texts contain an account which can only be of a journey in a spaceship, complete with a graphic description of the force of gravity?

What possible explanations can be found for a huge block of rock the size of a four-story house, weighing some 20,000 tons, complete with steps, ramps, and decorations? Then what titanic forces could have turned it upside down? Do maps found in the seventeenth century really outline the coast of Antarctica which within historical memory has never been free of a massive ice cap?

Within the framework of the beliefs and ideas of the last thousand years such things could not be explained. But suppose you look at them in the light of today's knowledge of space travel? This is what Erich von Däniken has done. Again and again these ancient mysterious, unexplainable, but very real objects are shown to be consistent with the knowledge we have gained in recent years.

Erich von Däniken brings together a vast collection of curious facts and demonstrates how easily they are explained by our current knowledge. He has established, beyond any doubt, that we must go back to these ancient relics with open minds. We must call-in and employ the experience and resources of sciences other than archaeology to explain their origin - for they suggest the appearance of beings from other planets in prehistoric times and pose the question...

Was God an Astronaut?


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