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Yonkers Saucer


[Excerpted from Strangely Enough by C. B. Colby]


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    One April, not too long ago, a resident of Yonkers, New York was using his new high-powered telescope. He was looking in a southwesterly direction, roughly toward New York City. The Moon had risen but was not yet in view, being behind him and the house. Suddenly he spotted a fuzzy bright object in line with his view and hastily focused upon it. His first thought was that it was Saturn, rings and all. Then he realized that this instrument was not powerful enough to see Saturn, even if it had been in that location.

    The object was about the size of a dime at armís length, milky white in color, and tilted slightly (as illustrated in the sketch). From the underside, (away from the observer) a very faint blue halo was visible. The telescope view showed that the object was moving slowly, was clear-cut and uncluttered with "windows," gadgets, or lights. The only thing to be seen was the sharp outline, a dark line at the base of the "turret," and the faint glow from the underside. He called his wife and a few neighbors, and they watched the object for a full half hour until it vanished behind buildings.

    Two nights later, he again spotted it. But it was higher in the sky, smaller, and tilted at a sharper angle. This time nine persons watched it, and it was in view for over a half hour. It still had the same milky-white color, the sharp clear image, and the faint glow from the underside.

    The puzzled observer checked with the Hayden Planetarium, and learned that Saturn could not possibly have been seen either from that direction or with that particular telescope. The suggestion was made that it might have been a reflection from the Moon. But when the planetarium expert was told that the Moon had been hidden behind the house at the time of the sighting, he said, "Iím afraid I canít help you in this matter."

    Shortly after this incident, it was reported that a young boy had told his mother about the strange sight he had viewed from his window, which faced New York City. He described a "funny, round airplane, white and with a blue light under it." This surely wasnít Saturn, for the child had no telescope.

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