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From the Great Mysteries Series:

UFOs: Opposing Viewpoints




by: Michael Arvey


This book is written for the curious – those who want to explore the mysteries that are everywhere. To be human is to be constantly surrounded by wonderment. How do birds fly? Are ghosts real? Can animals and people communicate? Was King Arthur a real person or a myth? Why did Amelia Earhart disappear? Did history really happen the way we think it did? Where did the world come from? Where is it going?

      Great Mysteries: Opposing Viewpoints books are intended to offer the reader an opportunity to explore some of the many mysteries that both trouble and intrigue us. For the span of each book, we want the reader to feel that he or she is a scientist investigating the extinction of the dinosaurs, an archaeologist searching for clues to the origin of the great Egyptian pyramids, a psychic detective testing the existence of ESP.

     One thing all mysteries have on common is that there is no ready answer. Often there are many answers but none on which even the majority of authorities agrees. Great Mysteries: Opposing Viewpoints books introduce the intriguing views of the experts, allowing the reader to participate in their explorations, their theories, and their disagreements as they try to explain the mysteries of our world.

     But most readers won’t want to stop there. These Great Mysteries: Opposing Viewpoints aim to stimulate the reader’s curiosity. Although, truth is often impossible to discover, the search is fascinating. It is up to the reader to examine the evidence, to decide whether the answer is there – or to explore further.

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