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Planet X (Nibiru)

According To Zecharia Sitchin There Is An Ancient Missing Member
Of Our Solar System. A Planet X if you will, Called Nibiru

This Planet X/Nibiru Makes One Complete Orbit Around Our Sun
Approximately Once Every 3,600 Years!

Scholar Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles Series Document Nibiru,
And It's Inhabitants The Anunnaki, In Great Detail!

Follow The Links Below To Learn More About...

Planet X (Nibiru)

See here For Anunnaki (Nefilim)-related texts by Sitchin and others!

Anunnaki (Nefilim)

Scientific Abstracts Supporting the Existence of Planet X/Nibiru

The Earth Chronicles


    1991 Letter from Dr. Tom VanFlandern Regarding Nibiru/Planet X!

Scientist Thinks Tenth Planet May Exist!


Articles by Zecharia Sitchin


Chapters 1, 6, and 7 of The 12th Planet (Book 1 of The Earth Chronicles) transcribed in their entirety!


    The Endless Beginning

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1    2


    The Twelfth Planet

Jump to part:

1    2    3    4    5


    The Epic of Creation

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1    2    3    4    5


Witness To Genesis

It Came From Outer Space

When Earth Had Not Been Formed

Before Copernicus And NASA

The Two Faces Of Pluto

Idolatry And Star Worship

A note from Zecharia Sitchin...

The Case of the Lurking Planet

The Case of the Misplaced Teapot

The Case of the ???? Astronomer

The Case of the Layered Asteroid

Past Planet X/Nibiru Related Articles


Plutinos: Pluto and Charon's progeny   10/08/99

"New evidence to be presented next week shows that some of the little bodies
playing around in the far-off Kuiper Belt are the progeny of an ancient cosmic,
er, meeting that most likely created Pluto's main squeeze, Charon."

"Astronomers have suspected for more than a decade that Pluto and Charon
formed as a pair during a giant collision in the ancient past between Pluto
(or whatever it was before it was Pluto) and some other Kuiper Belt object.

(The prevailing theory holds that Earth and its Moon formed this way, too.)"

Could this Kuiper Belt Object in fact be Planet X/Nibiru?

More on Pluto and Charon

Charon, the dark stranger of the River Styx

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    The DarkStar Theory

Hunt for Planet X Club

Jason Martell's X-Facts

The History Of Planet X

The Planet Nibiru

New Millennium Links
(A Collection Of Nibiru Related Links)






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