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    Erich von Däniken's

Chariots of the Gods?


Latest from Neil Freer - the author of Breaking the Godspell and God Games

    Beyond the Babel Factor: The 21st Century Human


From the Great Mysteries Series:

    UFOs: Opposing Viewpoints


Articles by Z. Sitchin


    The Nefilim: Sex and Demigods    [Chapter 4 of Divine Encounters]


    Segment featuring Zecharia Sitchin on Encounters with the Unexplained


[Excerpts from: The Lost Book of Enki]




    Seeing the Sun

    Celestial "Seeing Eyes"

    The Emblem of Entwined Serpents


    1993 Interview with Zecharia Sitchin


Chapters 1, 6, and 7 of The 12th Planet in their entirety


    The Endless Beginning

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1    2


    The Twelfth Planet

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1    2    3    4    5


    The Epic of Creation

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1    2    3    4    5


Chapters 7 & 8 of UFO's: Past, Present, and Future are complete!


    Chapter 5    The Chiles and Whitted Case-1948

    Chapter 6    Washington, DC - 1952

    Chapter 7    The Robertson Panel - 1953

    Chapter 8    Bismark, North Dakota - 1953

Coming Next!

Chapter 9    Levelland, Texas - 1957


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UFO 'Shorts'

    Antique Saucer

    Cigar in the Sky

    Yonkers Saucer

    Great Wheel of Light


also new at DreamScape...


[All below articles courtesy of Sitchin.com]


    The Case of the 'Intelligent Designer'

Case of the Evil Wind

The Case of the Lurking Planet

The Case of Adam's Alien Genes

The Case of the Genetically Modified Primate

The Olmec Enigma: Astronaut Corroborates Sitchin

The Case of the ???? Astronomer

The Case of the Misplaced Teapot

Dialogue in Bellaria

The Case of the Layered Asteroid

The Case of the Missing Elephant




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