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The "Majestic Twelve" (MJ12)


Pay Very Close Attention To  The Following Document!

This Is The Document Which Initiated The Formation
Of The Elusive "Majestic Twelve" Or "MJ12"

In 1984 A Collection Of Top Secret Government Documents Confirming
The Existence Of (And Military Contact With) An Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Was Made Public! 

Certain Of These Controversial Documents Were Left Under UFOlogist
Jamie Shandera's  Apartment Door By An Unknown Individual

The Authenticity Of These Documents Has Since Been Widely Questioned Among UFO Debunkers
And Hailed As Proof Of "Contact" Among UFOlogists Worldwide!

If These Documents Are Indeed Genuine, They Would Prove Beyond Considerable Doubt
That We Have Been In Contact With An Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence For Over Fifty Years,
Resulting In The Greatest Discovery (And Biggest Cover-Up) Of All Mankind!

Is Our Government Keeping This Valuable Information Secret?

Are These Incredible Documents Authentic?
Or Are They The Result Of An Elaborate Hoax?

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