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Startling Proof That The Anunnaki  Visited Mars


Is this image startling proof that the Anunnaki visited Mars in ancient times,
thousands of years before man was capable of space travel?


Impression From Ancient Cuneiform Cylinder Seal

Impression From Ancient  Cuneiform Cylinder Seal

Excerpt from page 188 of Zecharia Sitchin's When Time Began - The First Age

"The above image (a startling depiction of the Anunnaki as astronauts, and an Anunnaki Spacecraft coursing between Mars (the six-pointed star) and Earth (identified by the seven dots and the accompanying crescent of the Moon) places this event in the Age of Pisces (around 60 BC) by including the Zodiacal symbol of the Two Fishes in the depiction".

As you can see, Earth is represented by the seven dots (in the upper left-hand corner). The reason for this is that the Anunnaki considered Earth as being the seventh planet (counting from the Outer Solar System inwards) instead of the third planet (counting from our Sun outwards) as we presently depict Earth's position in our Solar System.

Likewise is Mars considered by the Anunnaki as the sixth planet instead of the fourth.

Now, how else could the Anunnaki know this unless they were to enter our Solar System from the outer regions  counting the planets as they came inward (starting with Pluto and continuing with Neptune, Uranus, Saturn ect...)?

Especially considering that Percival Lowell only discovered the planet Pluto early in the Twentieth century!

Notice the similarities between the craft depicted above, and our present day spacecraft.

The above depicted craft...

1. Seems to have Solar Panels for collecting energy from the Sun (in which to power the craft).

2. Seems to have "landing gear" with which to land the craft on the planet's surface

3. Seems to have a satellite dish as means for transmitting/receiving signals through space.

Just as our present day NASA Spacecraft!

Is this undeniable proof of Ancient visitation and habitation by the Anunnaki on Mars?

Did the Anunnaki construct a base on Mars for some previously unknown reason?

Does this mean that the controversial anomalies (the enigmatic "Face", the "D&M Pyramid", the "Fort", and all the other amazing structures located in the Cydonia region) on Mars, which were  previously imaged by the NASA Viking probe, are in fact ancient monuments constructed and left by the Anunnaki (those who came down from Heaven to Earth) thousands of years ago?!!

If this is so, (which the above image indicates) we must reconsider human history and evolution on this planet!!


Check back at a later date for more info!



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