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 Zecharia Sitchin Interviewed on
Encounters with the Unexplained


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'Adam & Eve: Fact or Fiction'


This specific episode focuses on the various possibilities of the origin of Mankind. From the
conventional theories of Evolution and Creation to the radical and highly controversial idea
of genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials and even a new theory scientists refer to as
punctuated equilibrium

For relevance and to save space, only the segment featuring Zecharia Sitchin will be presented here.

The following is an accurate transcription of the entire relevant segment
as it was seen on the original broadcast premiering November 24th, 2000


Jerry Orbach = ‘JO’
Zecharia Sitchin = ‘ZS’


JO: Actually, there is another theory, that according to Zechariah Sitchin, is taken directly from text that predate even Genesis.

ZS: Ancient Sumerian writing such as this (Sitchin shown here referring to an example of Sumerian cuneiform writing), describes a planet orbiting the Sun on an oblique to the others; and of such a long orbit that it only makes one complete circle every 3,600 of our years. They call this world Nibiru, and it was from that world that the Anunnaki came. If this theory is correct it suggests how an inhabited planet, called Planet X by astronomers, could have once been close enough to Earth for the Anunnaki to reach us with some kind of short-range vehicles.

JO: If there is a planet such as the Sumerian texts describe, wouldn’t it have had to pass by Earth time and time again?

ZS: My study of history shows several time periods during which mankind’s knowledge and progress seems to have suddenly leaped forward, and they do seem to be about 3,600 years apart. To me, this is highly suggestive that the Anunnaki have taken advantage of their proximity to Earth on several occasions and have helped us to advance and progress every time.

JO: Does this suggest we are part of some sort of cosmic science experiment? Could we be the by-product of some sort of ‘hybrid offspring’?

ZS: Yes, the evidence is very convincing. We may well be mixed-breed descendants of humans and Extraterrestrials. In fact, according to ancient records, the females whom the Nefilim married were offspring of Adam; himself created by an earlier genetic manipulation. We have only recently discovered the key to our genetic structure, the twisting/twisted coils of DNA. But here, (Sitchin shown here holding up a Sumerian statuette) here is the same depiction on a Sumerian artifact from 5000 years ago. It illustrates the process by which the Anunnaki ‘jumped the gun’ on evolution and created Adam - Homo sapiens.

JO: Is some kind of cosmic gene-manipulation the answer? Before you answer we should tell you that according to an Associated Press (AP) article, dated October 24th, 1996, astronomers at both the University of Texas and San Francisco State have very recently discovered a large planet that has the type of orbit Sitchin described. The AP report says this new world has been observed (quote) "following a strange egg-shaped orbit unlike any other known planet" (unquote).

(In conclusion Orback adds:)

"As for the Anunnaki, I guess we'll have to wait for another pass of the planet Nibiru."

"Still, the pendulum of knowledge and understanding is never at rest; and for the
moment at least, it seems to be swinging back toward an interpretation compatible with the Genesis account."

*    *    *

* All emphasis mine, TE.




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