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The Emblem of Entwined Serpents


From Genesis Revisited

by Zecharia Sitchin


     In the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the antagonist of the Lord God who had caused them to acquire "knowing" (the ability to procreate) was the Serpent, Nanash in Hebrew.

     The term has two other meanings: "he who knows secrets" and "he who knows copper." These other meanings or word plays are found in the Sumerian epithet BUZUR for Enki, which meant "he who solves secrets" and he of the metal mines. "I have therefore suggested in previous writings that, in the original Sumerian version, the "Serpent" was Enki. His emblem was entwined serpents; it was the symbol of his "cult center" Eridu (a), of his African domains in general (b), and of the pyramids in particular (c); and it appeared on Sumerian illustrations on cylinder seals of the events described in the Bible.


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[fig. 9a, b, & c]

     What did the emblem of the entwined serpents - the symbol for medicine and healing to this very day - represent? The discovery by modern science of the double-helix structure of DNA (see fig. 49 below) offers the answer: the Entwined Serpents emulated the structure of the genetic code, the secret knowledge of which enabled Enki to create The Adam and then grant Adam and Eve the ability to procreate.


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[fig. 49]

     The emblem of Enki as a sign of healing was invoked by Moses when he made a nahash nehosheth - a "copper serpent" - to halt an epidemic afflicting the Israelites. Was the involvement of copper in the triple meanings of the term and in the making of the copper serpent by Moses due to some unknown role of copper in genetics and healing?

     Recent experiments, conducted at the universities of Minnesota and St. Louis, suggest it is indeed so. They showed that radioneucleide copper-62 is a "positron-emitter," valuable in imaging blood flow, and that other copper compounds can carry pharmaceuticals to living cells, including brain cells.

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