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Celestial "Seeing Eyes"


From Genesis Revisited

by Zecharia Sitchin


     When the Anunnaki's Mission Earth reached its full complement, there were six hundred of them on Earth, while three hundred remained in orbit, servicing the shuttle craft. The Sumerian term for the latter was IGI.GI, literally "Those who observe and see."

     Archaeologists have found in Mesopotamia many objects they call "eye idols" (a), as well as shrines dedicated to these "gods" (b). Texts refer to devices used by the Anunnaki to "scan the Earth from end to end." These texts and depictions imply the use by the Anunnaki of Earth-orbiting celestial "seeing-eyes" - satellites that "observe and see."


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(fig. 4a)

     Perhaps it is no coincidence that some of the Earth-scanning, and especially fixed-position communications satellites launched in our own modern times, such as Intelsat IV and Intelsat IV-A (c, d), look so much like these millennia-old depictions.

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