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Seeing the Sun


From Genesis Revisited

by Zecharia Sitchin


     When we can see the Sun with the naked eye, as at dawn or at sunset, it is a perfect disc. Even when viewed with telescopes, it has the shape of a perfect globe. Yet the Sumerians depicted it as a disc with triangular rays extending from its round surface, as seen on cylinder seal VA/243 (Plate B and Fig. 6a). Why?

     In 1980 astronomers of the High Altitude Observatory of the University of Colorado took pictures of the Sun with a special camera during an eclipse observed in India. The pictures revealed that because of magnetic influences, the Sun's corona gives it the appearance of a disc with triangular rays extending from its surface - just as the Sumerians had depicted millennia earlier.


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(Plate B & fig. 6a)

     In January 1983, I brought the "enigmatic representation" on the Sumerian
cylinder seal to the attention of the editor of Scientific American, a journal that
reported the astronomer's discovery. In response, the editor, Dennis Flanagan,
wrote to me on January 27, 1983:


     "Thank you for your letter of January 25."

     "What you have to say is most interesting, and we may well be able
     to publish it."

     "In addition to the many puzzles posed by this depiction," I had written
     in my letter, "foremost of which is the source of the Sumerian knowledge,
     is now their apparent familiarity with the true shape of the Sun's corona."


     Is it the need to acknowledge the source of Sumerian knowledge
that is still holding up publication of what Scientific American has deemed
"most interesting"?

*     *     *




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