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Do You Believe In Extra-terrestrial Life?


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An examination of astrophysical habitats for targeted SETI

Decennial US-USSR Conference on SETI, 3rd, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, Aug. 5-9, 1991, Proceedings

Scintillation-induced Intermittency in SETI

On the habitability of Europa

Habitability of Planets

Titan under a red giant sun: A new kind of habitable moon

Nuclear waste spectrum as evidence of technological extraterrestrial civilizations

Astrophysical Constraints on Exobiological Habitats

Circum-stellar Habitable Zones and Mass Loss from Young Solar-Type Main Sequence Stars. I. Theory

Habitable Planet Formation in Binary Star Systems

Europa, tidally heated oceans, and habitable zones around giant planets

Habitable Zones around Main Sequence Stars

The Stability of Habitable Planetary Environments

Detection of Habitable-Sized Planets: A Progress Report

Habitable Moons Around Extrasolar Giant Planets

THE PROJECT: an Observatory / Transport Spaceship for Discovering and Populating Habitable Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets

Extrasolar Planetary Complex Biosphere Organization As Exemplified By Earth-type Forest Ecosystems

Feature Articles


1999 UFO Interview With Vatican Priest Monsignor Corrado Balducci

Vatican Admits On National Television That Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real

Close Encounters And Personal Transformation

Other Articles


The True Nature of UFO Entities


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